Consuming an Image Onto a Silkscreen Ready For Printing to T Shirts – A Step by Step Guide

There are a fews steps to consuming a picture onto a silkscreen. I will make you stride by venture through cycle so you also can without much of a stretch prepare phenomenal 수원셔츠룸 expert looking pictures for imprinting onto shirts.


The means are

1.Degrease your screen.

  1. Coat your screen.

Beginning toward the start

Degreasing the screen.

Before you do anything identified with covering and consuming a picture, consistently ‘degrease’ the silkscreen. This implies eliminating any remaining oil or film that will influence how the covering or cleaning out performs. To degrease the screen, essentially apply your degreaser to the work texture of the screen with a wipe, splash firearm or cloth. You ought to start degreasing before each covering.

Covering the screen.

Covering the screens essentially implies applying a light delicate/photograph touchy emulsion onto the screen work. U a scoop coater to do this. This is an alumunium apparatus in an ‘L’ shape to drag the emulsion over the screen. Before opening the emulsion, you need a room that has no UV light – that is daylight. At the point when your room is liberated from UV light you can start covering your screen.

To have the option to in any case observe what you are doing utilize a red light in a light which implies you can even now work without UV light. Fill the scoop of the store with emulsion, hold the screen inclined and press the smooth side of the scoop against the work. Pull the scoop to the highest point of the screen covering the screen as you go

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