BCS Championship Game Decides NCAA Football Best Conference Title

The bowl season has brought the standard meeting no holds barred contests in NCAA football, and the outcome for the "Best Conference" title boils down to the BCS Championship game.

There were 33 bowl games between December twentieth and January sixth including 11 distinct gatherings. The ACC was welcome to the most bowl games (10), followed intently by the SEC (8), the Big 12 (7) and Big Ten gatherings (7). The best won-misfortune record for bowl games was the PAC-10 which won every one of the five of its bowl games, trailed by the SEC at 5-2, and the Big 12 at 4-2. The SEC and Big 12 square off in the BCS National Championship game on Thursday. The choice on which is the best gathering in the country in NCAA Division 1A boils down to the BCS Championship game, and here's the reason…

However the ACC had the most bowl solicitations, they completed the bowl season with an under .500 execution winning only 4 of those 10 games. Furthermore, they were 0-4 against the SEC, Big 12, and Pac-10. The Pac-10 got 5 bowl solicitations and dominated each of the five matches. Those successes came against groups from the Big 12, the Big East, the ACC, the Mountain West, and the Big Ten meetings. That is an incredible record against solid meetings from the country over. It would have been more prominent if the Pac-10 might have had another appearance against a SEC school. Yet, given the way that a large portion of the gathering schools went to a bowl is a major quill in the Pac-10 cap. (When is the Pac-10 going to get two additional schools and start division play?)

The Big East, Conference USA, the WAC, and the Mid-American gatherings all had 6 bowl offers with the best record among them being shared by the Big East Conference and Conference USA, each winding up 4-2 in bowl games. Of those 12 games, just two were against the meetings at the highest point of the bowl match dominate misfortune store (Pac-10, SEC, and Big 12). Neither the WAC nor the MAC played any schools from the Pac-10, SEC, or Big 12. The WAC was 2-4 in bowl games, and the MAC went 0-6 against meetings that didn't complete in the best 5 as far as bowl triumphs. เว็บคาสิโน ที่ดีที่สุด

In case I neglect to make reference to the Big Ten, they completed 1-6 in their bowl games. Yet, with all due respect, they played 6 of their 7 bowl games against the SEC, Big 12, and PAC-10. Furthermore, their one triumph came against a SEC school.

To complete out the gathering list, the Sun Belt Conference completed 1-1 in bowl games. The Mountain West completed 3-2 in bowl games, which incorporated a 1-1 record against the "Large 3" at the highest point of the bowl match dominated misfortune heap. The Utes triumph over the Crimson Tide was noteworthy!

For what reason does the "Best Conference" title boil down to the BCS Championship game? Recollect that we are searching for:

  • Conference having the best by and large strength
  • Combined with best record against different gatherings

Despite the fact that the Pac-10 games a 100% triumph edge in bowl contest, just half of the gathering groups were even bowl-qualified. The Pac-10 necessities to follow the lead of the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 gatherings by adding two additional schools and break into division play. The explanation? At the point when you take a gander at the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 gatherings, each of the three had more noteworthy than half of their groups bowl-qualified!

That leaves us with the SEC and the Big 12 as the two meetings with the best by and large strength inside the gathering, joined with the best record of execution against different gatherings. The SEC had 75% of their groups bowl-qualified versus the Big 12 with 58%. That sounds like an enormous divergence, yet the numbers are SEC-8 groups versus Big 12-7 groups. Very close. In no holds barred contest SEC versus Big 12, it is SEC 1-0 against the Big 12 during the bowl season. In this way, should Oklahoma beat Florida on Thursday, I would think about the Big 12 the better gathering. Their bowl records would be 1-1 in straight on, however the Big 12 Champion would have beaten the SEC boss. Should Florida rout Oklahoma, the SEC would plainly be the best gathering since they would possess the best level of groups going to bowls of the relative multitude of meetings (strength inside the meeting), and they would have a 2-0 bowl record against the second best meeting (by meeting strength), the Big 12.

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