The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games in NFL History

With regards to assessing running backs in the National Football League, one of the most utilized gauges is the 100 yard game. For a running back to acquire than 100 yards against their rival in one game implies that they were exceptionally fruitful and at generally overwhelming against them. Numerous incredible players have set up 100 yard games throughout the long term, yet so have average running backs once in a while as well. It takes a genuinely incredible football vocation however to set up 100 yard surging games reliably over a long profession.

Of the multitude of extraordinary running backs who have played in the National Football League throughout the long term, who has had more 100 yard hurrying games than any other person? ยูฟ่าคาสิโนสมัคร

The appropriate response shouldn't amaze most football fans, it is in all honesty Emmitt Smith. Smith is the vocation chief in generally running back and hurrying classifications, incorporating most yards acquired ever. Throughout his vocation, he broke the 100 hurrying yard boundary in 78 games. He did this generally with the Dallas Cowboys, in spite of the fact that his experience with the Arizona Cardinals likewise added to this imprint

Here is the remainder of the best five in the classification of most 100 yard surging games in a player's vocation.

  1. Emmitt Smith - 78
  2. Walter Payton - 77
  3. Barry Sanders - 76
  4. Eric Dickerson - 64
  5. Jerome Bettis - 61

Simply missing this rundown, and connected sixth situation to 57 vocation 100 yard hurrying games, are Edgerrin James and Curtis Martin.

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