Nine Little Known Facts About the Quarterbacks of the Cincinnati Bengals

With regards to a background marked by nice quarterbacks, the Cincinnati Bengals rank straight up there with probably the best groups in professional football history. However not frequently credited thusly, the players who have played the situation for the group have regularly been outstanding. The main star quarterback that the group handled was Ken Anderson. Different players who have played the situation for the group incorporate Boomer Esiason, Jon Kitna, and Carson Palmer. Here is a glance at ten obscure bits of trivia about the quarterbacks of the Cincinnati Bengals.

  • The collector who got a greater amount of Boomer Esiason's score passes than any other person in the association is Eddie Brown with 39.
  • In 2007, Carson Palmer drove the whole NFL in the class of captures tossed with 20.
  • The principal player to at any point be endorsed by the Cincinnati Bengals was their initially beginning quarterback, John Stofa. Stofa played five periods of genius football: 1966 and 1967 with the Miami Dolphins, 1968 with the Bengals, and afterward 1970 and 1971 thought that he is back with the Dolphins briefly visit with the group.
  • The principal score pass that Boomer Esiason at any point tossed in his NFL profession came in week 7 of the 1984 season. It was his new kid on the block year and was a 34 yard pass in the main quarter to recipient M.L. Harris in a 20-14 misfortune against the New England Patriots. สูตรบาคาร่า sa gaming ฟรี
  • In 1979, Ken Anderson was sacked an aggregate of multiple times while losing 324 yards. Both of these are group records for the most occasions terminated and the most yards lost by sack in one season for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • The principal score pass Jeff Blake at any point tossed in the NFL arrived in a 23-20 misfortune to the Dallas Cowboys in 1994. The pass was tossed to beneficiary Darnay Scott and went for 67 yards.
  • The last score pass tossed by quarterback Boomer Esiason during his profession was a decent one, it came in the 1997 season and went for 70 yards to Darnay Scott.
  • During the 1981 season, Bengals quarterback Ken Anderson won the Comeback Player of the Year, NFL MVP, Bert Bell Award, NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and he likewise drove the Cincinnati to their first season finisher triumph in establishment history, just as the group's very first appearance in the Super Bowl.
  • Carson Palmer has tossed more score passes to Chad Ochocinco during his profession than he has to some other beneficiary.

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