The Crimson Tide – Get Ready to Leave the Competition in a Pool of Crimson

In case you're an Auburn football fan, you're likely previously arranging the lager choice for your pre-game gatherings, on the grounds that, better believe it, the Tigers appear to have a firm hang on the SEC. Notice that I said, "appear". That is on the grounds that Alabama's Crimson Tide is ready to make Auburn seem as though it merits its scholarly rep more than its football rep. Try not to think so? We should take a gander at what the Tide will put on the field come game day, a setup that could without much of a stretch transform a bunch of Tigers into a lot of stray felines.

The Backfield

It's elusive a more productive school quarterback than Greg McElroy (4 captures in 325 endeavors), and the man hasn't lost a football match-up since the eighth grade. Will his streak end in 2010? Not in case last year's Heisman Trophy champ, Mark Ingram, has anything to say about it. Add to the greatness of Ingram the back up ability of Trey Richardson and anticipate that McElroy should be as proficient as could be expected, on the grounds that giving off to top running backs is as effective as possible get.

The Offensive Line

At the point when your beginning quarterback tosses just three block attempts and your running back successes the Heisman Trophy, you can reason something like a certain something: you have a beautiful consummate hostile line. In 2010, search for Alabama's line to be far better than it was in 2009. With professional possibility DJ Fluker on a line that sees half of its 2009 gathering return, McKelroy and Ingram's details ought to be considerably more diseased in 2010.

The Receivers

Alabama has some genuinely tacky gloves in the downfield: Marquis Maze, Darius Hanks, Michael Bowman, Michael Williams, Chris Underwood, and rapid All-American Julio Jones, who at 6'4" with a long wingspan will appear too much overwhelmed linebackers. เรื่องแปลกรอบโลก

The Defensive Line

Alabama has had some undesirable dramatization concerning top protective end, Marcell Dareus. Be that as it may, listen to this: when the season begins, the main dramatization about Alabama's safeguard will be the way perfectly it keeps rivals from having their own show in the end zone. Dareus could play in the NFL at this moment, and he'll head a gifted gathering of Terence Cody, Josh Chapman, and Luther Davis on a season long skull-squashing mission.

The Linebackers

In case you're a running back and you see Alabama's 2010 linebackers not too far off, do your best Joe Namath flop, on the grounds that there will not be a lot of that doesn't get crunched by the Tide's linebackers. Driven by recuperated All-SEC entertainer Dont'a Hightower, Alabama's linebacker play will be nothing if not strong.

The Secondary Unit

As far as ability, you will not track down a cautious back that possibilities better than Dre Kirkpatrick, who's expected for a break out in 2010. Add BJ Scott, Rod Woodson, and top SEC cautious back Mark Barron, and the Tide have a backfield that they can more than depend on.

Uncommon Teams

On the off chance that Alabama has a point of failure, it's that its kicking will tumble to green beans. All things considered, there ought to be some fervor as Julio Jones returns the opening shots and dropkicks.

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