Loss of a Legend

Gone are the Wishbone and the Power-I. Gone is the "fumblerooski". Gone are Switzer and Osborne, and, unfortunately, gone are the Irresistible Force and the Immovable Object.

The magnificence long periods of Nebraska versus Oklahoma appear to be ancient remnants of the past. Tomorrow will check the initial time since 1961 that neither one of the groups will be positioned in this generally blessed of contentions. Indeed, even with the two groups going through some lean occasions this is one of the most anticipated rounds of the period, for Husker and Sooner fans as well as to aficionados of the Big 12 and College Football overall. It's a genuine disgrace it just happens two out of like clockwork.

At the point when Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Baylor joined the Big 8 to shape the Big 12, it was clear changes would need to be made. Groups were parted into North and South divisions and when the residue settled OU and NU were on various sides of the fence. Since the time then the groups have played two years on and two years off. The school football world has not been something similar since. เว็บพนันบอล Online

Sure this coordinate during OU's dim ages in the 90's, when OU was the Big 8's enduring mat, didn't have the wonder identified with it that years past had. Still there ought to have been some approach to make this game a yearly game. Regardless of whether it be adding an additional a game to the groups' gathering timetable or making this game one of each groups 3 games against the other division every year, this game should be a yearly occasion.

School football is simply not the equivalent without this game. Similarly as it would not be something very similar without USC versus ND, Florida versus Tennessee, and FSU versus Miami. Rather now we need to find out about the Red River Shootout, goodness sorry that is not PC any longer, the Red River Rivalry. I'm sorry Texas fans however it is a disgrace when this game is the cream of the Big 12 competition crop.

With the two groups apparently on the ascent ideally there will be some exemplary match-ups soon in the Big 12 title games. Up to that point we should make due with recordings of the best games at any point played. Dropkick returns and escape glints, champions and Heismans, greats and legends.

Here's to a re-visitation of greatness for the two groups and an epic standoff in Norman in '08.

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