Examining The Touchdown Passes Of The Seattle Seahawks Jim Zorn

Jim Zorn was one of the most famous players around during the beginning of the Seattle Seahawks establishment. He was a youthful left given scrambling quarterback who now and again was one of the a couple of solitary splendid spots during some disheartening Seahawks seasons. He would collaborate with old buddy Steve Largent however and set up some nice numbers during their time together.

Here is a look and some intriguing data in regards to the score passes of Jim Zorn.

1 - Two Hall Of Famers!

Jim Zorn had a long relationship with the extraordinary wide beneficiary Steve Largent. Throughout the span of his profession, Largent is only one of two individuals from the Pro Football Hall of Fame that he would toss somewhere around one score pass to. The other is James Lofton who he associated with for 56 yards in an early December misfortune to the Miami Dolphins during Zorn's last season in the NFL. 7m

2 - The Longest Of Them All

The longest score pass of Jim Zorn's NFL profession went for 82 yards during the second quarter of a 42-20 misfortune to the Cincinnati Bengals in 1977. It was gotten by David Sims.

3 - Throwing To His Best Friend

During their profession together in Seattle, Jim Zorn would toss 43 score passes to Steve Largent. That is over two times the sum he would toss to the second spot individual on the rundown.

4 - Bring It On, San Diego

Zorn would toss more score passes against the San Diego Chargers, an aggregate of 15, than he would against some other group in the NFL.

5 - The First And The Last

The primary score he would toss as a NFL player would occur during the main round of his newbie season. This would likewise be the main season in Seahawks establishment history, making it the primary score pass tossed in group history. It came in the second from last quarter of a 30-24 misfortune to the St. Louis Cardinals. It went for 15 yards and was gotten by Sam McCullum.

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